Strauss & co - Irma Stern - Two Arabs

To arrange a private preview or for any further information please contact: Ann Palmer or Emma Bedford Tel: 021 683 6560 / 078 044 8185 for the Cape Arts Festival in 1968 at the Rembrandt Art Centre in Johannesburg, the Pretoria Art Museum and the South African National Gallery. Two Arabs ably demonstrates Irma Stern’s unique ability to fuse her passion for African themes with European traditions of painting that can be traced back to the greatest nineteenth- and twentieth- century masters from Eugène Delacroix through Vincent Van Gogh to the German Expressionists with whom she was closely associated in her formative years. 1. Irma Stern, Zanzibar , J L Van Schaik Limited, Pretoria, 1948, page 5. 2. Neville Dubow, draft of opening speech, presented at the Irma Stern Museum in December 1982, University of Cape Town’s Manuscripts and Archives Department. The exhibition was on view from 10 December 1982 - 30 January 1983. 3. Irma Stern, Zanzibar , ibid, page 55. 4. Marion Arnold, Irma Stern: A Feast for the Eye, Rembrandt van Rijn Art Foundation and Fernwood Press, Cape Town, 1995, page 102.