Strauss & co - 26 - 28 July 2020, Online

89 261 Misheck Masamvu ZIMBABWEAN 1989– Da Da 2014 oil on canvas 142 by 127,5 by 2,5 cm, unframed R200 000 – 300 000 ITEM NOTES Contradiction and conflict serve as undercurrents in the paintings of Misheck Masamvu: an antagonism rages between abstraction and figuration as distorted figures transmute out of raging landscapes. While violent motion is depicted in the brush strokes and paintwork, there is a sense of immovability – as if the figures are trapped within torrents of painted land, caught within their own past and their own circumstance. He speaks of each painting as a proposal for a new reality, an arena for him to work through personal hopes and frustrations but also to offer alternatives, for himself and others, to the constraints and constructs of daily reality. Source: Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg.