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71 232 Judith Mason SOUTH AFRICAN 1938–2016 Four Kites c.1970s one signed; numbered 9, 10, 11 and 12 on the reverse pencil on paper with collage, paint and gold leaf each length: 67 cm; width: 45 cm R80 000 – 120 000 PROVENANCE The artist’s estate. ITEM NOTES These works are framed in custom- made frames designed by the artist. Kites and balloons are images that have appeared in Judith Mason’s work over many years as metaphors for freedom and release from the limitations of earthly confines. ‘I love kites,’the artist explains, ‘like birds, they fly and escape and you can say that they’re signs of spirituality … Every time I see [them], I get a terrific kick. You know, I feel my heart leap!’ 1 1. Judith Mason, interview, transcribed in AA Landman (1987) Die Symbole in die Werk van Judith Mason-Attwood, unpublished MA dissertation, University of Pretoria, page 182. Judith Mason’s studio soon after she passed away in 2016 (Photograph: Mason Family Collection). ©The Estate of Judith Mason | DALRO 233–240 NO LOTS