Strauss & co - 8 June 2019 (Wine)

Higgo Jacobs ‘It is a very rare occurrence for the curators of any assembly of wines to be allowed to dream. To have no constraints when considering the most desirable wines possible from the historically rich and presently diverse Cape. In opening, for the first time in South Africa, the trading platform to recognised private collections, we gain access to those unicorn wines that wine lovers whisper about having tasted on golden occasions. The concept of South Africa’s finest is a fluid and dynamic one. Future auctions have more of the Cape’s riches in waiting. New icons are in the making, current ones become more rare. This is only a first stab, a cross section, but ultimately an offering of which we are immensely proud.’ Roland Preens ‘The inaugural Strauss & Co Fine Wine auction offers an incredible array of South Africa’s best from 1800 to 2018. It is by no means a definitive line-up, but includes the only three perfect scored wines ever from South Africa in GS Cabernet 1966, Chateau Libertas 1957 and Kanonkop Paul Sauer 2015. There is also a treasure of top-class, perfectly matured reds along with collectors’ items and very rare wines from niche producers. We are hugely excited about offering both modern and classic producers on the secondary market.’ Producer Lot is sourced directly from the producer’s cellars Wine Cellar Lot has been stored since release in Wine Cellar’s professional cellars at optimum conditions Private Client Lot has been sourced from a private client’s cellar. Rigorous tasting and vetting has been performed by Higgo Jacobs and the Wine Cellar team Special Cellar Lot has been stored at legendary private or commercial cellars Provenance Definitions viii