Strauss & co - 8 October 2009, Cape Town

28 31 A silver cruet set, Omar Ramsden and Alwyn Carr, London, 1908 - 1911 comprising: a mustard pot, two salt cellars and two salt spoons, each oval body pierced and moulded with foliate bosses and scrolls between four columns, terminating in block feet, the undersides engraved “OMAR RAMSDEN ET ALWYN CARR ME FECERVNT’, with later blue glass liners, 340g, the mustard pot 7,7cmwide; A pepperette, maker’s mark FH, London, 1925, similar, with detachable pierced cover, 140g; and A salt spoon, maker’s mark indistinct, London, 1976, 5g (7) R30 000 – 40 000 32 A set of three George V silver entrée dishes and covers, D & J Wellby Ltd, London, 1918 octagonal, each cover engraved with a crest, with detachable reeded handles, 4710g, 29,5cmwide; and Another, Hawksworth, Eyre & Co Ltd, London, 1934, 1430g, 29,5cmwide (4) R30 000 – 40 000 31 32